The Stolen Moon

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

The Stolen Moon is a perfect sequel to The Lost Planet!

Again bringing the amazing cover art is Rachel Searles with, The Stolen Moon, the sequel of The Lost Planet, which I also reviewed. This sequel is not a terrible piece of sequel junk, but a sequel that builds the universe of the first, and adds more to its story. I used 'sequel' immensely to much in that last sentence. I give this book an 8.6, with a rating of 9+ for Sci-fi action.

The Stolen Moon starts three months after the first, with the Garrety's and Parker on the Kuyddestor in hiding. Garrety doesn't seem to fit in, even with his sister. But with intergalactic drama drawing in the federation, Chase Garrety once again finds himself in deep trouble and learns the truth about his past from a returning mysterious ally.

As with the first book, The Stolen Moon is an exciting action novel with well executed Sci-fi portions. The alien worlds and creatures are inventive, though limited to one or two in the second book. Added with an enrapturing story, The Stolen Moon is a solid novel. Sadly, it was released in 2015, and there has been no news of a third book. But I would bet if enough people requested a third one, she would oblige. So if you enjoy this book enough, write an email or letter (letters are more powerful since no one does them any more) to Rachel Searles. But until then, continue reviewing.

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