North! Or be eaten

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

In North! Or Be Eaten, The Wingfeather Saga becomes more, so much more.


The Wingfeather Saga is absolutely wonderful, and the second book is really where the story begins to develop. I rate it a fabulous 9.0, and the age range would be 10-11+. If you have not read the first book, please read it, The Wingfeather Saga is absolutely worth it.

After the Igiby's, or should I say, Wingfeathers, learn the truth of their heritage, and take refuge in their uncle Artham's castle, things begin to calm down a bit. But Fangs soon invade Glipwood Forest, and it drives the Wingfeathers to go north, or be eaten. With a goal of the Ice Prairies, the Wingfeathers deal with stranders (east bend), the fork factory, separation, and a whole lot of Fangs.

This book has so many differing moments with excitement, action, and Andrew Peterson's eccentric humor. But, North! Or Be Eaten, more than the others, is the most distressing and sorrowful. The plot keeps you reading late into the night, and the characters advance into the story with grace. The twist in the end is especially unseen, changing the whole series. As a whole, North! Or Be Eaten is an amazing sequel.

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