Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Masterminded by one of the best plot weavers in the biz, 'Masterminds' is amazing.

In my mind, any Gordon Korman book has wonderfully intriguing plots and stories that he executes perfectly. It's how a story is meant to be. He has such an entertaining way of writing his stories, that I can't put them down. I would give 'Masterminds' book #1 a rating of 8.8, and a age range of 8+.

Eli and his friends live in Serenity, New Mexico, the perfect town. Honesty and integrity run through the veins of his town. It's a perfect town, until he tries to leave, bringing a short stop to his perfect view of Serenity. Something is seriously wrong, and he can't trust anyone, least of all, his parents. Uncovering lies behind the honesty, Eli and his friends' lives will never again be the same.

'Masterminds' book#1 is, in my view, the best out of the three books. It is a thrilling ride that barrels out of control after the beginning chapters. The book is written from 5 POVs (Point of Views), and sometimes it gets confusing. The story has such an ingenious idea behind it, that it is interesting in the extreme. Sadly the other two in the series are good, but don't live up to the original. I will be posting reviews of them soon.

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