I'm writing my very own Book!

Finally, after years of reading I get to view the other side of literature! I am very excited to announce that I am writing my own book. This is just an announcement

post, because I have few exact details about the story. But I can tell you it is written from 1st person (necessary). Wait what? Necessary? Yes, I'm using a curriculum called One Year Adventure Novel and they make me use 1st person. The main character is named Heath Blackwell, and he goes on a quest to retrieve a stolen helmet. His best friend and companion on his quest is Ezra Hollins, as sketched by Michaela Mcbride below.

Can you believe I even have an illustrator for my first novel? Sadly, it will definitely not be ready until mid 2019. But be sure to check back weekly throughout the year, as, I will be posting frequent story updates and Michaela's sketches. But in the mean time, become a member and write your own reviews!

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