Character art + Collages

Hello everyone! It's been way too long since I posted anything, but I will attempt to put something out EVERY TUESDAY. Please hold me to it.

Anyway, to kick off this post, I have some character art I was awarded since I made it to the final round in a minor short story contest. Soon I will have a short story from the contest put up on here. But for now, be happy with a teaser collage:

Anyway, here is an amazing drawing of Cedric by Azaria M.J. Durant:

Also I have a few collages, that bear witness to the fact that I'm not terrible at collag-ing.



And here's a collage that I made with the purpose of fitting my entire novel. I think it captures the aesthetic quite well.

In the world of writing, I'm still working at my novel. I've reached Chapter 4, which... has proven to be a challenge so far. And for the love of cheese I can't find the perfect title. If not old age, titles will be the death of me


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