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Finally! I have begun the process of writing, and I'm partway through Chapter 1! I love it so far, and I'm eager to write more! But... my story has changed very much over the past few months since I've been outlining. So I'm here with a new and improved synopsis, and a new and improved story all together!! Thanks to the wonderful OYAN peeps who helped me get this synopsis the best I can get it!

Two years after the Great War, tensions between Westland and Cantel are still strained, and Heath’s Westlandic blood doesn’t do him any favors living in Cantel. In fact, it gets him thrown out of The Knights’ Academy over a petty fight.

When Heath receives a vision from the Creator, calling him to slay a dragon, he dismisses it. But soon, he learns this is no simple dragon killing. Heath’s own father could start another war if he could get his hands on the dragon, and Heath’s allies are little help on his quest. Yet, his long lost uncle is slowly corrupting Heath’s morals. Can he stop a monster without becoming one?

So that's what I have for my book news, comment what you think of the new synopsis and the new direction for my story! Now for the fun part! I have some new character drawings done by SprinkleSquink! First I have my main character, Heath:

And another character Z'Kira:

And another character Cedric:

And another drawing of Heath done by Fortuna!

That's sadly all the drawings for now, but there is more to come!!

And finally... Shard 3. I don't exactly plan on doing Shard 3 anytime soon, but it will definitely be written. A whole book, needs to be written, and I need to have a short story written for a contest in... 5 days. And I haven't even started. I'm literally drowning in school reports to write, and my own stuff, so just know that it will happen, just not now.

- Elijah

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