Another Liebster!

SprinkleSquink decided to nominate me again, and these Liebsters are fun, so why not?

Now if it doesn't seem like she did, yes, she actually tagged me, and answered my questions for her. Except she calls me Bok Choy. I am Bok Choy.

Here are the ruuuules

- Acknowledge the blogger(s) who nominated you for this award. (thank you Squink, i'm deeply indebted to you)

- Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you.

- Give 11 random facts about yourself

- Nominate 11 blogs and notify them

- Give them 11 questions to answer

Now I will get straight to the questions!

1. What is your least favorite soup?

Dal Bhat. It's sort of like lentil soup.

Had it every day for a couple years, and now I can't stand it.

2. If you were an animal, what would you be?

According to the Animal In You quiz, I'm an owl. Pretty accurate.

3. If a weasel at a cupcake and puked it on you, what would you do to it?

I'd chuck the weasel across the room. No, actually I'd be like, "Oh look, it puked on me." And then I'd gently shoo the weasel away.

4. How do you like your potatoes best?

'Po-ta-toes, boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew', in the eternal words of Mr. Gamgee. I like mine best mashed though. With a nice gravy drizzle.

5. were you to drop all comunication with your loved ones and become an undercover chef in a foreign country for twelve years what country would you go to?

Honestly if there was anyone in my family was to do this, it might be me. But I'd probably go to France, the cultural capital of the arts. Then I'd cook some creamy smooth mashed potatoes, french style.

6. Snakes. Do you like them?

Legless noodle lizards. They're cool, I could handle them crawling over me. But a little scary because they're dangerous.

7. What is something that is too sugary for you?

I'm not allowed to have much sugar, so I really haven't had incredibly sweet stuff. But I'd have to say something too sweet for me is fair lemon shake-ups, they're just chalk full of plain white sugar.

8. Do you like holes in the knees of your pants?

No not really, I only use my holy jeans for yard work. I don't like them because... they don't look cool? Okay your pants are ripped, get 'em fixed you hOBO.

9. Favorite restaurant?

OR2K. A mediterranean restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal where you sat on pillows on the floor. Absolutely amazing food.

10. if you had to change your hair color to any color in the rainbow permanently in exchange for being able to turn invisible except for your hair, what color would you change your hair to?

Hmmmmm... I guess deep blue, cause that'd be cool.

11. pick one dog breed to sacrifice for the lives of humanity. What breed would you pick?

Either pugs, or hairless mexican dogs. They're just ugly doggos.

NOW I have to tell 11 random facts about myself.

1. I love playing baseball, and I'll be playing on a summer league

2. I have to put gel in my hair because if I don't my hair will curl up into a frizzy mess

3. I used to prefer hot dogs over burgers, but then I sort of realized with what hot dogs are made of... and now I like burgers. Though I'd take a brat over both any day.

4. I enjoy mustard on my sandwiches, burgers, etc.

5. I'm apparently an INTJ-T if that counts for anything

6. When I was younger I took both guitar, and piano lessons, but now I don't have a lick of talent. (Hopefully I'll start guitar again)

7. I have a little white cyst on the bottom tip of my tongue that I've had since I was born

8. My favorite color is blue, and I don't have a least favorite color.

9. I can successfully shuffle and bridge a deck of cards the fancy way.

10. While I was in Mexico, I slipped in the shower and gashed my head open. Luckily there were some nuns who stitched my head back up for 5 dollars! Unlucky for me, they did it without anesthetic...

11. I live in a dome house.

Finished! Now you know a ton of random information about me!

And now it's your turn! Here are my nominations, but feel free to snag the questions for yourself if I didn't nominate you!



Anyone who has been to france

Anyone who likes salt on their watermelon

Anyone who is currently wearing a white t-shirt

Anyone who can ride a bike with no hands

Anyone who is scared of chameleons

Anyone who can't snap their fingers

Anyone who was born on leap day

Anyone who has eaten a whole stick of butter in one sitting

Anyone who lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming

Anyone who hates chocolate

Your Questions:

- Do you like cotton candy?

- What size shoe do you wear?

- Why do you think dogs bark

- What are the titles of the three memoirs of your life, age 0-10, 10-20, 20-30?

- If there were a language of toes, would you be fluent?

- What is your favorite prime number?

- do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach?

- Do you floss like you're supposed to?

- When did you realize that cheese was made from bacteria digesting milk?

- What identity would you choose if you went into the witness protection program?

- How many hot dogs could you eat in a minute?

Aaaand that's it! Go forth and answer questions, and have a great day everyone!


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