A synopsis for my Novel!

Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Ok, finally some real info about the story. And to those that don't know what a synopsis is, it's the book summary on the back cover. Here it is

When Kodor attacks castle Earlton, taking a piece of the mythicly powerful great suit of armor, Cantel is on the brink of war. Few care except half-Westlander, peasant boy, Heath Blackwell, who receives a dream from the creator, urging him on a quest. But this is no easy quest, can Heath and his friends cross through dangerous lands and pass fierce enemies alive? Will Heath be able to forgive and let go of his bitterness? But more importantly, can Heath even defeat Kodor or his master?

Bonus update: Here is a drawing of Fiona Richfield, a noble's daughter that joined Heath's band of heroes. She runs away from nobility life to go on an adventure. She is an archer and has brown hair.

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