Elijah Kubicek

Kansas, IL 61933, USA

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Untitled Fantasy Novel

After the Great War, tensions between Westland and Cantel are still strained, and Heath’s Westlandic blood doesn’t do him any favors living in Cantel.  In fact, it gets him thrown out of The Knights’ Academy over a petty fight.

When Heath receives a vision from the Creator, calling him to slay a dragon, he dismisses it.  But soon, he learns this is no simple dragon killing. Heath’s own father could start another war if he could get his hands on the dragon.  Heath’s allies are little help on his quest and his long lost uncle is slowly corrupting Heath’s morals. Can he stop a monster without becoming one?

Character art

Credit to Sprinklesquink, Michaela McBride, Fortuna, and Azaria M. J. Durant


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